About Us

Helping parents find the best activities for their kids

What is HapClap?

HapClap is online marketplace for kids activities, classes, camps, workshops and anything related to extra-curricular activities that kids can be part of. We handpick activities from best coaches and institutes for all child developmental needs.

We are launching with the Pink City, Jaipur and plan to expand to rest of the country pretty soon.

What is our Motto?

Happy Clapping Kids #happyclappingkids

We want kids to develope, be happy and grow as well-rounded personalities which parents can be proud of.

Why HapClap?

We were all kids –remember those were the days. We feel that kids need to be involved in much more activities than they currently are in schools to shape and develop their complete personality. This has to be done with the guidance and mentorship of qualified and expert coaches. They help discover the hidden talents and unlock the true potential of children with their years of experience.

HapClap is a step in this direction – help connect parents with coaches for a wide variety of activities.